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    Mid Century Homes For Sale

    sala set with glass window

    The Low-country goes Mid Century!

    Everything comes back in style, even if it is 70 years old! Within the last decade, the desire for mid-century modern homes has become increasingly popular. But what is Mid Century Modern Architecture?

    Architecture is a direct reflection of the time. Tragic world events such as World War 2 can uproot and destroy, but they can also create opportunities. With war comes a change in economies and technology. It also affects how we live, it changes our wants and needs. After World War 2, there was a boom in suburbanization in the U.S., and with that came a demand for modern homes. Technological advances led to the development of new materials making it possible to explore new design concepts. At the same time, those who believed that a forward-looking style could be a vehicle for social, as well as economic change, drove this architectural transition. And so Mid Century Modern Architecture was born. Constructed from 1945 to the late 1970s this architectural style is celebrated for its simplicity and elevated use of natural elements.

    During this transition, there was a generous use of traditional materials, such as wood, but also non-traditional materials such as metal, glass, vinyl, plywood, and Plexiglass. But how do I know a home is Mid Century Modern? When searching for mid-century homes keep an eye out for these key features:

    Uncluttered and sleek lines with geometric forms
    Minimal embellishment
    Large windows positioned to create a geometric pattern
    Use of traditional as well as non-traditional materials
    The collection of different, and sometimes contrasting materials

    But for our Savannah locals, all you need to do is explore Magnolia Park, Savannah’s own slice of Mid Century Heaven.

    Built-in the early 1950s as a park-like suburb of Savannah, Magnolia Park attracted an upper and middle-class mix of residents, who wanted to live the “new” American way of life. Large lots, magnificent trees, paved roads, bus service to downtown, close proximity to schools and shopping, set in a park-like setting, were the highlights to attract buyers for lots in Magnolia Park in the 1950s. And the beauty of this neighborhood is nothing has changed, it looks as if it was built yesterday! Except it is now a recognized historic neighborhood, which means tax incentives for investments.

    Savannah is a city that thrives on its history and Magnolia Park is truly one of its best-kept secrets. Full of sophisticated homes that have aged gracefully, located 10 minutes to downtown and 25 minutes to Tybee Island, this is the perfect neighborhood for the modern family.

    P.S. Seaport currently has a Mid Century Modern home available so feel free to give us a call at 912.202.2042 to inquire about the property!

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