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    What To Do During Savannah’s Luckiest Month

    March is easily Savannah’s luckiest month. Do you know why? Not only is St Patricks Day this month, but the weather creates a magical haze across the city. Mid-March is when the azaleas + camellias are in full bloom, dressing the city up in h...

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    2023 February Things To Do in Savannah

    2023 February Newsletter | Things To Do in Savannah
    With so many exciting attractions in Savannah, we understand it can be difficult to narrow down a list of activities. To make planning your February a little easier, we’ve researched some o...

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    2022 Agent Awards

    2022 Agent Awards | Seaport Real Estate

    Seaport Real Estate recently recognized our 2022 top real estate agents and their outstanding achievements at our 2022 Annual Meeting. With all agents and team members in attendance, the company celebr...

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    Top 3 Outdoor Eats: Downtown Savannah

    Outdoor Eats: Historic Savannah Edition
    Everyone knows that the charming Historic District of Savannah loves a good bite to eat, and maybe…a good beer here and there. Seaport Real Estate is made up of Savannah natives who know the in’s and...

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    A Historic Savannah Home Through The Years

    Built in 1894 this cheery Victorian home had been on an interesting journey before nestling onto its amazing corner lot in Savannah’s beautiful Historic District.
    Originally Built for Col. Charles Olmstead, a decorated Confederate Army Offic...

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    Oh, To Love An Old House

    Buying an “older” home sounds like a romantic proposition. Anyone who appreciates a good antique can understand the nostalgic appeal of an ancient home whose walls are filled with history.

    Older homes have amazing historical features tha...

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    Reasons You’re Ready to Downsize

    There are many reasons to downsize from your current home, and sometimes, the idea that “less is more” is what drives homeowners to purchase a smaller home.

    Be that it may, we do live in a society that often holds the “bigger is better...

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    The Landings: Retire in Style

    The end of another summer means plenty of time for our 55+ community to find a place to sit back, relax, and retire with ease. However, for those interested in the Lowcountry, look no further than The Landings. Perfectly located on the coas...

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