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    Steven Thomas

    Steven Thomas
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        I am a proud Savannah native, born and raised in Richmond Hill. Following high school, I made the decision to join the military, driven by the desire to acquire practical skills, push myself, and experience new environments. At the same time, I pursued an electrical engineering program at Georgia Southern University, fueled by my fascination with technology. Although I greatly appreciated the valuable lessons and opportunities that the Georgia National Guard provided, I came to realize that a lifelong military career was not my ultimate calling. In 2019, having completed my service in the Guard, I successfully obtained my bachelor’s degree and it became apparent to me that this path also did not ignite my true passion. When I ventured into the realm of real estate, I knew I had discovered my true calling. As a business owner, I get great joy from making new connections, fostering relationships with friends, family, and colleagues, and showcasing the inherent beauty and allure of our wonderful city. Being entrusted to guide individuals through their significant real estate investments brings me profound joy. My unwavering commitment to serving clients, combined with my in-depth knowledge of the local market, fuels my passion to help others find their ideal properties and achieve their real estate goals. I am proud to partner with Seaport Real Estate because of their professional, welcoming environment and their commitment to excellence.

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