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Traditional Island Style Home: Interior Design

Traditional Island Style Home Decor

Traditional is one of the most popular styles of interior design. The word traditional can mean so many different things to each homeowner or designer. The characteristics of this beautiful Whitemarsh Island home, inside Marsh Harbor speak to the light, airy aesthetic that a traditional style can bring.

Regal Furniture

There is nothing minimalist about traditional interior design, and the furniture is no exception. Traditional homes tend to have heavier, more high end pieces of furniture. The Southern influence in this furniture collection bring more coastal notes to the Pieces selected.

Elegant Furnishings

Traditional design is all about the finer details. In traditional design you will find a lot of grand touches like classic lamps, and shades, cases, decorative throw pillows, mirrors and chandeliers. This beauty encompasses all of those aspects perfectly.

Ornate and Architectural Elements

Architectural details are what make a traditional home design. Built in cabinetry, crown molding, and Wood paneling. Symmetry is a pillar in traditional design. Almost everything comes in pairs. The purpose of pairing these pieces is to create a balanced space around an important focal point. In this case, the fireplace is our focal point. Summed up by the pillars on the side, with the wood panel roof tying it all together.


If you’re itching for a look like this one, this expansive two-story home is for sale. Click here for all the details.

Home Featured: 5 Marsh Harbor Drive North, Savannah GA 31410

Listed By: Ben Bluemle | Seaport Real Estate | 912.202.2042

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