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Outdoor Living Space

The definition of home has evolved immensely over the last year. Initial COVID-19 shutdowns created a sudden shift in lifestyle that made homeowners want to improve how they spent time outside. And so the staycation mentality returned, and more beautiful than ever before.

Thanks to 2020, the outdoor living space has FINALLY come out of its awkward phase. No more screened in porches solely used for storage, or patios that have weeds growing through the cracks. No. The outdoor living space has become the shining star of the home; the place where families gather in the evening; to cook, to dine, to share a drink or engage in conversation. It is the first place for people to relax, to take a nap, read a book, or to catch up on Facebook. Homeowners have given there spaces a much needed makeover and have incorporated typical indoor comforts. So in light of all these upgrades, let’s talk about some of our favorite features of outdoor spaces.

Outdoor dinner parties are no longer limited to hotdogs and pasta salad. We can now grill, broil, sauté, roast, poach, steam and sear in our backyards. Homeowners have decided to invest in elaborate outdoor kitchens, and let’s just say…we’re here for it. The word picnic has never felt so special. Remember when the furniture in the house was much more comfortable than the furniture outside? Well that’s not a relevant excuse anymore. Seating in outdoor living spaces are now just as plush and lush on a patio as they are in the living room. And oh so stylish! But let’s not forget about the gardens that were left untamed for years. They have since blossomed into an integral part of the living space. With people spending more time at home, homeowners have all developed a green thumb and the landscaping thanks them for it!

So the real question is, why are you still sitting in your family room? 2020 made it clear that breathing stale air and missing out on outdoor fun is out of style. Plus, You don’t need to have an unlimited budget to equip an outdoor living space. The sweeping popularity of outdoor living made it possible for nearly everyone to move outside. Even if you can’t afford a custom kitchen, pergola, a built in fireplace, or lavish garden, don’t fret! Outdoor kitchens and components are available in every price range; there are sophisticated pergolas, DIY fire-pits and budget friendly furniture that will knock your sox off. Take a look around, search the internet, explore second hand stores, be creative and more importantly go shopping! It doesn’t cost a thing to look and you may be pleasantly surprised at some of the bargains you find!

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