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    How to become a successful real estate agent

    Port Talk – Career in Real Estate from Savannah Real Estate Videos on Vimeo.

    Have you ever considered a career in real estate? Watch as Seaport Real Estate’s, Ben Bluemle, breaks down and simplifies the steps you need to take bef...

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    Importance of Cyber Security in Real Estate

    Port Talk – Cyber Crime from Savannah Real Estate Videos on Vimeo.

    In today’s digital world, most communication and transactions (including in real estate, are done digitally). Unfortunately, the real estate industry has seen a s...

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    How to stage your kitchen

    Staging the Kitchen from Savannah Real Estate Videos on Vimeo.
    Port Talk – Staging Your Kitchen
    In this episode of Port Talk – Ben shares some easy advice for staging your kitchen without hiring a professional. Your kitchen is one...

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    Investment Properties

    Investing in rental properties can be a great way to earn that passive income you have always wished for. Most people believe that in order to invest in a rental property, you must by with all cash. Ben encourages you to leverage your money by ...

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    Elevation Certificates – What You Need to Know

    Port Talk -Flood Zone from Savannah Real Estate Videos on Vimeo.

    What is an elevation certificate?
    An elevation certificate is used to show that the home is elevated in accordance to the Federal and County flood plain regulations. T...

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