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Kelly Foley

KellyFoley is an agent who guides buyers or sellers through negotiations, contractual clarity, and lengthy real estate processes. Currently she is familiarizing herself with both the various markets that make up what we know as The Low Country. Kelly has an extensive background in customer service, and has dealt with customers on all levels and demographics, including government officials, airline owners, and executives. She spent five years in the U.S. Air Force. Following that, she spent over 20 years in the aerospace industry, traveling the world with airline executives, Boeing and suppliers as Director of Operations. Kelly is well organized and driven. She is highly motivated by results she achieves for her clients and customers. Kelly is happy to be back to her roots in the Southeast, where she spent most of her early life. She now lives with her family in Rincon, where she enjoys spending time with husband, Vincent, and son, Liam. Kelly’s leadership skills, business acumen, and project management experience provide her with skills to help you get through any real estate transaction.
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