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    Chase Stahl

    Chase  Stahl
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        Chase Stahl moved from Virginia to Savannah in early 2016 to assist his parents in their new venture of flipping old houses. He realized early on that a 9-5 desk job, coupled with the grueling Northern VA traffic was not how he wanted to spend the rest of his life. When the opportunity arose to get away from it all and jump into the world of real estate, he dove in head first. He bought his first house here in Savannah a few months after moving and quickly became acquainted with the downtown area. Apart from flipping/remodeling, Chase has successfully started a small business in vacation rental management that is quickly growing. His go-getter, risk-taker attitude along with his family’s support has enabled Chase to lay the groundwork for a successful future. He plans to continue building up his real estate portfolio so that he can “retire” early and travel the world with his future family.

        Chase spent his life in Virginia working in the hotel industry. Majoring in Hotel Management from George Mason University, his first years in the field consisted of providing the ultimate customer service experience to high-end clients in the DC area. Given his experience, along with his naturally outgoing personality, he is committed to ensuring his clients are more than satisfied and will accept nothing less.

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