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Ashley Fowler

Ashley moved a lot growing up. She has lived from Phoenix Az where she was born to California, Maryland, Arkansas, Oklahoma and now Georgia. She has been in the Effingham County Georgia for about 3 years. In 2014 Ashley and her husband, Derek had a son and decided to move to Rincon, Georgia so her husband could pursue a career at Gulfstream, where he currently works. After staying home with her son for a while she decided to get back into the work field and made the decision to go into real estate. Prior to moving to Georgia, Ashley lived in Tulsa, Oklahoma where she spent 6 years at Directv as a customer service representative/ email specialist and 2 years at Citizens Bank of Oklahoma as a Teller Supervisor. Because of past experience she has great customer service skills. Ashley is highly motivated and wants to help you find your forever home or your for now home. She is always available to answer questions and enjoys helping her clients find the right fit for them.
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