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    Allison Mills

    Allison Mills
    • 7505 Waters Ave Ste B2, Savannah Georgia 31406
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      Send Me A Message

        Having lived in Savannah, GA for most of my life, my passion and love for this city has developed into a desire to share its unique and beautiful qualities through real estate. With 15 years of service as an EMT, Firefighter and Emergency Dispatcher in the Savannah and surrounding areas, my knowledge and understanding gives me a deeper respect for what this city has to offer for buyers and sellers of all kinds.

        My goal as a Real Estate agent, whether you are buying or selling, is to make the process fun, exciting, easy and stress-free. My goal-oriented personality and drive to help others sets the perfect foundation as I help to make my home, your home.

        As the wife of a Fire Chief and a mother of two, I know how important the finer details can be when searching for the perfect house to call home.

        I can’t wait to work with you and show you what our city has to offer.

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