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    2022 Agent Awards

    2022 Agent Awards | Seaport Real Estate

    Seaport Real Estate recently recognized our 2022 top real estate agents and their outstanding achievements at our 2022 Annual Meeting. With all agents and team members in attendance, the company celebrated both new and established agents along with top-producing individuals who surpassed their sales goals in 2022.

    Agent of the year – John Carr

    We are delighted to announce that after being with the Seaport Family for only 2 years, John Carr has been named our 2022 Agent of The Year!! This past year John transformed his business by closing more than $21M in sales and coordinating nearly 100 transactions; it is easy to say that John understands the nuances of the real estate market far better than most and we are proud to have him as one our top agents!

    Top Listing Agent – John Carr

    This awards celebrates an agent that has dedicated their time to the client experience. With over 70 listings in 2022 it is no surprise that John Carr is our 2022 Top Listing Agent. His secret to this many listing? John treats real estate like a 9-5 job; he is in the office everyday hustling for new business and his listing volume reflects that hustle.

    Top Buyers Agent – Whitney Butler

    This award represents an agent that has observed excellent customer service and with 2022 being a tough year for buyers, client experience was paramount. Whitney Butler was able to use her 7+ years experience in the business to help over 20 buyers secure their dream home! And with that we are naming Whitney Butler our 2022 Buyers Agent of the year! Amazing work Whitney, proud to have you on our team!

    Rising Star – Tori Williams

    The Rising star award is for an agent that has demonstrated growth and promise – not only in the business, but in all aspect of life. This year Tori Williams is being named our Rising star because she not only shows a desire to succeed but takes all the necessary steps to do so. From volunteering in her local areas to making sure she constantly communicating with past clients, Tori Williams is with out a doubt a rising star in this industry.

    Top Lead Converter – Nikki Parks

    In the business of real estate, you never know where your next client is going to come from. However, Nikki Parks doesn’t let that challenge stop her, this year she was able to convert the most leads out of any agent in the office and grow her business! Nikki Is being named our top lead converter because when she sees an opportunity she doesn’t hesitate!

    Influencer of the year – Jen Davis

    We appreciate a good social media post – or two 🙂 So when agents join the brokerage we teach them how powerful of a tool the social network can be. But Jennifer Davis NAILED it this year!! Posting, liking, sharing, commenting, she is our 2022 influencer of the year for her consistent efforts not only in real estate but all the other businesses she runs!

    Agent to Watch – Will Grotto

    This award recognizes excellence in leadership, community involvement, and everything else that makes a well-rounded young professional successful in real estate. Will Grotto is being named our 2022 Agent to watch because in 2022 he took on real estate full time and CRUSHED IT! With over $4.5 million in sales Will not only reached “The CAP” but he did so by volunteering within the community, building relationships with other businesses, and spending every day searching for new business. Congrats Will, we are excited to watch your business continue to grow.

    Brokers choice – Anna Sizemore

    In her first year with Seaport, Anna received the rising star award for her outstanding work ethic! This year she has been named “Brokers Choice” for not only her amazing work ethic but her desire to absorb as much training and real estate knowledge as possible. In this business you have to be all in, and this award goes to a real estate agent that has proven she is ALL IN!

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